Really, A Natural Deodorant that Works

Want a healthy alternative to commercial deodorants?


Read on to learn about a natural deodorant that works and will keep you clean and fresh without using harmful chemicals.

An all natural deodorant is safe, healthy for your body and effective at neutralizing odors by fighting bacteria.

That’s why many consumers are looking to switch from commercial deodorants to a natural deodorant with natural ingredients.  

Deodorants vs. Antiperspirant?

First, we need to understand the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant.

The main objective of a deodorant is to neutralize odor. Deodorants will absorb odors or neutralize odor causing bacteria.

Antiperspirants are designed to prevent us from sweating.

Commercial deodorants are also antiperspirants.  While this sounds great, it’s not. Sweating is beneficial because it removes toxins from your body and regulates body temperature. That’s why the majority of natural deodorants are not antiperspirants.


Traditional Deodorants 

Unfortunately, most deodorants on the market are made with not so natural ingredients. 

list of ingredients in store deodorants

Traditional antiperspirant products often contain ingredients like aluminum salts, artificial fragrances and parabens.

Some of these ingredients are:

Aluminum: Aluminum is used as an antiperspirant. It works by blocking the sweat glands to help restrict sweating. 

Aluminum chlorohydrate is one of the most common ingredients used in antiperspirants. Aluminum in deodorants has been loosely linked in studies with Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer and even dementia.  Although there is no concrete evidence it’s wise to avoid this ingredient.  

Propylene glycol: ‘This petroleum based ingredient is what gives deodorant a slick consistency making it easier to apply.  It’s the active ingredient in antifreeze. Metabolized in the liver, studies have shown that in large quantities it can cause damage to the central nervous system, heart and liver.

Parabens:  A preservative used  to prevent bacteria and mold from growing in your deodorant.  This synthetic chemical can cause hormonal imbalance. Before, it was commonly used in body creams but discontinued after it’s toxic effects where known.

Synthetic fragrances: The word fragrance, or parfum, can mean hundreds of chemicals. Under federal law, fragrance formulas are protected as “trade secrets”, meaning that brands don’t need to disclose its ingredients on their labels.

You’ll never know what you’re actually putting on your skin including phthalates. Phthalates are linked to a higher risk of birth defects in women.

Natural Deodorants

Conversely,natural deodorants do not use those ingredients.  Natural deodorants are easier on your body by using “greener” ingredients.

Baking Soda
Baking soda, aka Sodium Bicarbonate, is an age-old, multipurpose ingredient that’s traditionally been used in cooking, odor absorption, and cleaning.

In a deodorant,  it’s main purpose is to absorb moisture and odors caused by bacteria.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is a wonderful product to use as a base for natural deodorants.  It has great moisturizing properties.  Also, with its anti inflammatory properties it may help to calm the skin.

In addition, Coconut oil may have antibacterial properties due to its high  lauric acid content. Therefore, it  may helpfight the bacteria that causes underarms to smell after you sweat.

In conclusion, Coconut oil is great in a deodorant because it is antibacterial, hydrates the skin and is anti-inflammatory.

Essential Oils
Many essential oils have antibacterial properties.  This makes them the best choice for deodorants. Its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing — hence, no little or no odor.

Tea Tree oil is distilled from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree originating from Australia.  The essential oil has potent antiseptic properties.

Another effective antiseptic oil is Lavender. A side  benefit is that its floral scent can also keep you calm while you break a sweat. 

Where to purchase a natural deodorant?

A natural deodorant that works is made by Caribbean Soaps.  It offers an alternative from deodorants

deodorant desodorante natural caribbean soapscommonly found in the market.

100% Natural! An alternative free from aluminum, alcohol and preservatives.

It keeps you fresh even in the moist Caribbean heat!

We use coconut oil, baking soda, beeswax, cocoa butter,essential oils of Lavender & Tea Tree and Vitamin E.

Now, our natural deodorant is online!

New Packaging, same great Natural Deodorant!

Available  in 1oz. Trial size & 2.5 ounces.

Find a natural deodorant here!

How to Use

Gently apply a small amount to dry, clean underarms. Only 1-2 swipes is all you need. Do not apply to irritated, damaged or freshly shaved skin.

Underarm skin can be a sensitive area for some people. Try first our 1 oz.trial size if you have very sensitive skin.


  • An all-natural deodorant is not one-size-fits-all. If you have tried a natural deodorant and it didn’t work, that may be because the brand or mix of ingredients didn’t work for you specifically, not that all natural deodorant in general doesn’t work.
  • Try each deodorant for a couple weeks, as it takes your body time to adjust. It takes a couple of tries until you find a deodorant that works for you.  But once you do, you’ll never go back.
  • Perform a skin test to measure a possible allergy reaction.
  • Discontinue use if irritation develops. Do not use on broken skin or freshly shaved skin.

The Bottom Line

There are many reasons to change to a natural deodorant. From using natural ingredients to reduce exposure to chemicals, a more ecological product that does not use propellants. 

Whatever the reason may be, an all natural deodorant is safe, healthy for your body and effective at neutralizing odors by fighting bacteria. Try it! It works!


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