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Puerto Rico Christmas Gift Guide

10 Christmas Gifts: Original and Artisanal

Christmas in Puerto Rico its something we all look forward to. We love the season but not necessarily the part of choosing Christmas gifts. We want the perfect gift depending on the personality and taste of each person. To help you, we have prepared a guide to original Christmas gifts and all made in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Christmas in COVID Times

This holiday season is going to be harder to get that perfect gift because of COVID. We don’t want to visit the shops for fear of getting infected. Don’t worry, most gifts can be ordered online and received by mail. An easy and safe option.

Get the Christmas Gift with Time

As a typical Puerto Rican, DO NOT leave it for the last minute! Looking for it in a hurry will make it harder to get it. If you are ordering online, take into account the time you prepare orders and delivery of mail. Especially at Christmas the mail is slower. So if you’re sending the gifts to America, do it on time!

Gift a Puerto Rican handcraft

Why give away local artisan gift?

Christmas gifts in rich Puerto Rico best made in puerto rico hecho en puerto ricoMade in Puerto Rico

Each piece is unique, original and made here. You buy a quality product. Craftsmen have years of experience making their craft using materials from our island.

You Protect Our Culture

Craftsmanship reinforces the cultural identity and traditions of our country. Our artisans keep alive the processes, materials and products of our cultural heritage.

You support the Local Economy

You directly support the craftsman who is creating the product and therefore the economy of Puerto Rico. That way, you’ll get your craft at a fair price.

Gift Guide

We can help you! Below is a selection of Christmas gifts and baskets for all tastes. You can order them online or stop by our store in Cupey.

1. Handmade Soap

A soap as a gift is a nice detail and will be well received. If you want you can add a bow with a ribbon or raffia. There is a good variety of fragrances to choose from depending on the person’s taste. But we can recommend goat’s milk almond soap as it is the best selling,

Choose from over 20 different soap fragrances ($5.00)

Handmade Almond Soap and Goat Milk Best Luxury Soap Soap Prepared by Caribbean Soaps and Made in Puerto Rico 4.25 ounces

2. Coconut Candle

What reminds you of the Caribbean more than a natural coconut candle? Coconut candles are poured by hand in our shop! Prepared by hand. We use a natural coconut shell, our own wax mixture and perfume them with natural essential oils or high quality fragrances. The most popular fragrances are Cabernet, Almond, Coconut, Pina Colada and Mangó.

Choose from over 8 different fragrances ($7.00)

Candle in the middle of coconut in a natural coconut prepared by caribbean soaps made in puerto rico 3.5 oz with coconut fragrance

3. Soap Set with Cream

A favorite gift year after year. An Almond and Goat’s Milk soap with a small 1-ounce cream. It is the perfect combination between gift quality and price.

Body Cream & Soap Set ($8.00)

Christmas gifts in rich Puerto Rico best made in puerto rico made in puerto rico

4. Shaving Kit

Don’t you know what to give your husband, boyfriend or friend? We know we’re hard to give away! One thing we have in common is that we shave. Our shaving set comes in a natural coconut with brush included. Prepared with Tea Tree and Lavender essential oil to avoid irritation.

Coconut Shaving Set ($12.00)

unique gift of puerto rico shaving set in a natural coconut with natural brush prepared by Caribbean Soaps made in Puerto Rico

5. Escape Kit

Gift case including a handcrafted soap, a cream and 1-ounce massage oil. It comes in a nice little box ready to give away. Available in almond, coconut, plumeria and mangó fragrance.

Escape Kit ($12.00)

6. Soap with Artisan Soap Dish

A nice practical gift! Any of our stunning handmade soaps in a mahogany and teca wood soapbox. The soapbox is prepared by a puerto Rican craftsman. Comes with a raffia tape.

Soap Set with Soap ($15.00)


7. Premium Perfume

For fragrance lovers, give a really different perfume. Choose the Premium Perfume line. We use premium essential oils that are rare and well expensive. They are the most economical way to know and use the beauty of these premium oils. Floral aromas such as Neroli, Ilán-Ilán, Gardenia and Jasmine are available. Also male aromas such as Mirra, Vetiver and Sándalo.

9 Fragrances to choose from in 1/3 ounce roll-on. ($15.00)

caribbean soaps perfume premium

8. Gift Baskets

We prepare gift baskets for all tastes. We even have for the one who hurts everything! ointment and gluing! Stop by the store to find your basket or we’ll prepare it to your liking. Only available in the store.

Gift Baskets (Starting from $20)

canasta de regalos de navidad boricuacanasta de regalos de navidad boricuacanasta de regalos de navidad boricua

9. Soap kit and Slime. Excellent Christmas gift for the little ones!

Looking for a gift for your kids or grandchildren? We offer you two kits to choose from! They are educational and entertaining activities for children of all ages. First, a slime preparation kit with all the ingredients. Second, a kit to prepare glycerin soaps. Now, with new molds for the holiday season. You can choose from Christmas tree, snowflakes and many more.

Glycerin Soap Kit ($30.00) Slime Kit ($12.00)

ingredientes para hacer jabon regalos de navidad en puerto rico boricua mejor

10. Gift Set in Burlap Sack

The favorite gift! In a reusable bag wallet with the Caribbean Soaps logo. Includes your selection of 2 of our soaps, a full-size body cream and a lip balm. Tremendous Christmas present!

Sack Gift Set ($20.00)

Regalo en cartera en saco un tremendo souvenir del caribe incluye 2 jabones artesanales i crema corporal y un lip balm preparado por caribbean Soaps hecho en Puerto Rico regalos de navidad en puerto rico boricua mejor

I hope this Puerto Rico Christmas gift guide will help you choose the perfect gift. The faster you get the gifts the longer you’ll have to enjoy this magical season with the dearest ones. If you are looking for souvenirs from Puerto Rico, you can also read our Top 10 guide.

Anyway, give something made in Puerto Rico, original, and without making long lines! That way you’ll enjoy Christmas better in Puerto Rico.


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