Collagen Handmade Soap


  • A best-selling soap!
  • Ideal for the face and sensitive skin.
  • Collagen can improve the elasticity of the skin.
  • With silk for its softening properties and caffeine to help tighten the skin.
  • Fragrance and Colorant Free.
  • 4.25 oz bar size.





Collagen helps to strengthen and hold various structures in the body together, that’s why using a collagen soap will make your skin firm and supple.

What is collagen used for the skin?

It is a fundamental component for the health of your skin, since it ensures its firmness and elasticity. By improving the condition of the skin, it strengthens the barrier to prevent harmful substances from the environment from entering our body.
In addition, it helps to improve the appearance and stimulates the growth of nails and hair.

Collagen Soap

Soap is great for the face. It is prepared with vegetable oils that includes the nutritious olive oil. It is gentle enough for the skin, and therefore for the entire body, as it is fragrance-free or colorant-free.

Gentle enough to apply to the face and neck as it does not contain fragrance or dyes.

You can also try our collagen cream, excellent for the face.

Collagen soap has many benefits:
– Restores moisture to the skin to leave the face soft and moisturized.
– Fill in fine lines and wrinkles.
– Intensely hydrates eliminating dryness.

Learn more about the benefits of collagen on your skin in our blog.


Saponified olive, coconut, soy and palm oils, collagen, silk, caffeine and vitamin E

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