5 Guardians Sanitizer



5 GUARDIANS Sanitizer is an antiseptic alcohol spray with our blend of 5 Guardians essential oils.

The spray is formulated to have 65% alcohol. The CDC recommends 60% or more.

If you can’t wash your hands, our 5 Guardians Sanitizer  is your alternative.

Contains glycerin and Vitamin E to avoid drying hands.

The 5 Guardians oil is our version of  Thieves oil.  It is a powerful combination of 5 essential oils with antiseptic properties and can help fight bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Available in 2.4 and 8 ounce sizes.

The 2 ounce bottle is a pump, not spray. The shape of the bottle and the color can vary depending on the availability of the packaging.

The best alternative is always to wash your hands. The sanitizer will only work if you have clean hands.

Other recommended products are:

Disinfectant Gel 5 Guardians: We prepare an antiseptic gel with 65% ethyl alcohol and our mixture of essential oils 5 Guardians.

Artisanal Alcoholado: A mixture of 65% alcohol with Malagueta leaves and essential oils. Antiseptic and helps improve breathing due to its content of Mint and Eucalyptus oils.

It is important to remember that these statements are not a substitute for medical treatments and that the use of essential oil oils can serve as an excellent complementary therapy, if used responsibly, but does not cure any disease.

Ethyl Alcohol SDA, Water, Glycerine, Essential Oils and Vitamin E

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