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Caribbean Soaps

Attn: Alexis Sotomayor

Tel: (787) 754-4561


1655 Parana St.

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00926-314

More about our soaps

We believe our soaps are the best because:

All Vegetable:

All of the soaps are made using pure vegetable oils, not lard created from animal fat. Vegetable oils although more costly are more beneficial to your skin. Many commercial soaps use lard that is derived from animal fat, known as tallow, which can clog pores.

Super Fatted:

We add additional oil to each batch of soap. This ensures that the soaps are extra mild.

Contains Glycerin:

Cold processed soaps, like ours, release glycerin during the soap making process. Glycerin is a natural emollient and humectant. In commercial soaps, the glycerin is extracted and resold.

Natural Suents:

We make many of the essential oils that we use in our soaps. Where fragrance oils are used it is clearly indicated Also, natural soaps without scents or coloring are offered.

Hand Made:

We use only the highest quality ingredients to use in all of our products. The soaps are made in small batches. They are hand cut and packaged.

Further, I personally test all soaps before we offer them to you.

I do not sell any soaps that I would not not use myself.

When allowed to thoroughly air dry between uses, our soaps will last a long time. Be sure to use a soap dish so it doesn’t sit in a puddle of water.


We use only vegetable oils such as coconut, olive, palm and canola oils. We do not use lard in our soaps.


Lye or a Sodium Hydroxide solution is used to saponify the oils. No lye remains in the soap after this process. We “superfat” the soaps adding less lye than required. This ensures that there is extra oil in the soap making it much milder than a commercial detergent bar.

Essential Oils

In most of the soaps we use pure essential oils. We make many of the oils ourselves. Where indicated some soaps contain fragrance oils instead.