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Welcome to the Directorio Artesanal! Now there is a place online where you can find that artesanía you were looking from many artisans of Puerto Rico.

Especially that now with COVID, fairs and craft markets have been cancelled.

In the DirectorioArtesanal.com will help you find crafts and be able to  contact directly the artisans of Puerto Rico. You can even find typical food and drinks, as if you were at a fair!

artisans of puerto rico craft directory

You can search by keyword, name of the artesano, municipio or type of artesanía.

Each individual account is created by the artesano himself and contains:

– Product photos

– Biography

– Job description

– Links with phone, email and Facebook account


and you can even contact him directly!

Even better, by buying directly from the artesano you allow him to continue living off his work, you get a fair price for you and the craftsman and support our cultural heritage.

And of course Caribbean Soaps is present.

The online craft directory was created by two engineers, some of them also an artisan. With the beginning of the pandemic, they saw the need to promote artesania online.

Our main objective is to generate direct connections between Puerto Rican artisans and buyers inside and outside the country.

The Directorio Artesanal is a first step in promoting Puerto Rico’s artesanía.


Who can participate?


Any artesano certified by Fomento or the Instituto de Cultura.

Resale of handicrafts/other products, use of trademarks, illegal/illegal materials and war is not allowed.

Food and Artisanal Drinks

All food and artisanal drink makers . Non-commercial.



As Puerto Ricans we are proud of our artesanía.

With this directory we want to make you know everyone!



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