Thieves Oil

Thieves Oil is a powerful combination of 5 essential oils with antiseptic properties. It is known as a natural alternative that can help against the transmission of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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At Caribbean Soaps, we prepare our version of Thieves Oil. We call it 5 Guardians Oil. 5 Guardians essential oil is 100% essential oil. You choose how to use it, pure or diluted.

We prepare several products with 5 Guardians Oil.

✅ Essential Oil: 100% pure undiluted essential oil in 1-ounce glass bottle.

✅ Sanitizer: Spray with ethyl alcohol at 65% with the mixture of the thieves oil. Ready to apply to hands.

Gel Sanitizer: Same as liquid sanitizer but in gel.

Handmade Soap: Now in our bar soap.

✅ Foaming Soap: Packed in a portable container and designed to make a lot of foam when you press it. You can take it with you at all times to wash your hands frequently.