No flower embodies love and harmony quite like the rose.

Used in aromatherapy for its relaxing and sedative properties. The relaxing scent will help reduce stress and tension.

Why not try experiment with this essential oil?

We used real Rose essential oil (Rose Absolut) which is very expensive and rarely used in products due to its high cost.  Over 2,000 thousand pounds of petals are needed to make one pond of Rose essential oil!

At Caribbean Soaps, we prepare several products with Rose essential oil.

  •  Rose Handmade Soap: Rose scented handmade soap made with olive oil. Enriched with extra virgin rose hip oil.
  • Rose Perfume Spray: Body spray with real (and expensive!) Rose essential oil.
  • Premium Rose Perfume:   Roll-on perfume oil with Rose essential oil in a Jojoba oil base.
  • Rose Floral Water: Enjoy a facial sauna! Hydrate and refresh your skin with this spray.
  • Extra Virgin Rose Hip Oil: Anti aging oil will regenerate and heal mature skin. Improves elasticity and increase collagen production.