Why Caribbean Soaps?

Why choose Caribbean Soaps as your soap shop of preference and trust?

Better Ingredients

​Our all-vegetable blend of oils delivers skin healing nutrition with a luxurious lather and silky finish. You won’t find any synthetic detergents or artificial colorants in any of our products – only natural, locally sourced ingredients than our  handcrafted products at our soap shop. Discover the fresh, nutritious feel of olive oil soap with local solar sea salt. Soothe your skin with freshly ground oatmeal in our best-selling Almond & Goat’s Milk Soap. It’s clear that better ingredients deliver better results.

Handmade soap from Puerto Rico with local sea salt soap shop

Made Locally

​Our small family business started as a passion project and turned into something bigger that we’re exceptionally proud to share with you. As we grow, we’re committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and never cutting corners. We use locally sourced ingredients whenever we can, always keep things fresh, using the traditional cold process method to make our handmade soap in small batches in our soap shop.

solar sea salt from cabo rojo puerto rico


Natural Scents

​Premium local ingredients pair with natural essential oils for a fresh fragrance and added therapeutic properties. Of course, the local honey, fresh aloe, ground rosemary, freshly grated coconut, real peppermint leaves, locally roasted coffee, and other natural ingredients also boost the scent profile with natural fragrance that you’ll love.

Tea tree essential oil from australia bottled by caribbean soaps in puerto rico 1 oz

Artisan Made at our Soap Shop

​Visit our soap shop and store to see how Caribbean Soaps are made!  Watch as we pour, cut, and package your goat milk soap by hand with the same attentive, loving process that we use for all of our handmade soaps.

Making handmade soaps at soap shop Caribbean soaps puerto rico

As true artisans, we design each soap recipe with the best natural ingredients that serve a purpose. Energize your day with lemongrass, deeply cleanse with coconut, relieve stress and sleep better with lavender, firm and brighten with coffee, or soothe a sunburn with aloe.

Every Caribbean Soaps product is handmade with the best local and natural ingredients for your healthy, glowing skin.

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