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Caribbean Soaps Emergers from Hurricane María

One year ago, on September 20, 2017, Hurricane María passed through Puerto Rico.  It was the worst natural disaster in recent times to affect Puerto Rico. 2017 was a year we would like to forget!

For every Puerto Rican who survived the hurricane, everything is now measured on what happened before or after Hurricane María.

hurricane maria highway puerto rico
On the highway to Caguas
hurricane maria destruction puerto rico
Park next door to our store

We were blessed that our family was OK and the business didn’t suffer a any major damages.  However, we were without running water for a month, internet for 2+ and power for 4 months! It was a chore running a business during those times: finding a suitable power generator, getting gasoline after a couple of hours waiting in a line, waiting for long delayed supplies from the mainland.

flooded retail shop hurricane maria caribbean soaps
Flooded Retail Store
flooded soapmaking area caribbean soaps
and Production Area

During those first months, there was a mosquito infestation never seen before with potential risks of dengue, zika or even chikungunya! Our business  survived by producing everything Citronella:  candles, natural insect repellent and even Citronella soap!

natural insect repellent caribbean soaps hurricane maria
Natural rellent, a best seller at that time
citronella candles hurricane maria
Making Citronella candles in our Terrace
handmade citronella soap caribbean soaps puerto rico
Even Citronella soaps sold very well

Although tempted to emigrate to the US, we made the decision stay and continue with the business.  We believe in Puerto Rico, in our business and in our customers. We decided to invest on packaging, redesign our soap shop and development of new products.

And now we are stronger than ever!

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