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  All of our soaps are made with 100% vegetable oils. We only use olive, coconut and palm oils. Handmade soaps contain natural glycerin unlike commercial soaps where it is removed. Glycerin will moisturize and soften the skin. We use pure essential oils in many of our soaps.. Also, we add vitamin E to all of our soaps.
  All of our soaps are made in small batches ensuring the best quality. We use the cold-process soap making method. They are then hand cut and air dried for at least 4 weeks.
  All of our soap bars weigh 4 oz.
  Due to the handmade nature of our products, slight weight and color variations may occur.


This is a great all around soap. It has a great lather, the bar is firm yet doesn't have any colorants or fragrances. Fresh caribbean aloe vera is added. Great for dry and sensitive skin.

Price  $5.00

Almond & Chocolate

For chocolate lovers! This soap will leave your skin sooooo smooth. Cocoa butter and almond oil is added

Price  $5.00

Almond and Goat's Milk

Our bestseller! 

The great scent of almond with the moisturizing properties of goat's milk. With oatmeal flakes to gently exfoliate the skin.

Price  $5.00

Vanilla & Goat's Milk

The great scent of vanilla with the moisturizing properties of goat's milk. With oatmeal flakes to gently exfoliate the skin.

Price  $5.00

Goat's Milk 

Unscented bar.

Just with the moisturizing properties of goat's milk. With oatmeal flakes to gently exfoliate the skin.

Price  $5.00


Fishermen like this soap because it is said to attract fish a remove the human scent.  

Also used to remove strong odors such as  garlic and onions  from the hands when cooking.

We make it just because we like the scent!


Price  $5.00

Cinnamon, Oatmeal & Honey

Oatmeal & honey with a touch of cinnamon essential oil. The oatmeal flakes will gently exfoliate the skin.

Cinnamon oil may cause allergic reaction on some people

Price  $5.00


This soap is what the tropics' all about.  This soap has fresh coconut milk along with coconut meal which helps to gently exfoliate the skin

Price  $5.00


A soap with fresh cucumber! It has a wonderful fragrance. It is one of our favorites. The shea butter is great for dry skin.

Price  $5.00

Double Mint

Our bestseller!

A refreshing soap. The peppermint and spearmint oils will cool you down and refresh the spirit.

Price  $5.00

Eucalyptus & Rosemary

Will clear your nose! Refreshing scent will cool you down. Antiseptic. Said to relieve sore muscles.

Price  $5.00


A great wake up in the morning soap!  Has cooling, refreshing, stimulating, uplifting effect.  

Good for oily skin and people who perspire excessively.

Price  $5.00


French lavender is suited to all types of complexions. Known for its excellent antiseptic properties, lavender is very mild on the skin. Great for a stress relieving bath.

Price  $5.00

Oatmeal & Honey

All natural oatmeal & honey.

No fragrance or colorants have been added. The oatmeal flakes will gently exfoliate the skin. The honey will soothe the skin.

Price  $5.00

Orange & Grapefruit

This soap will fill with the bathroom with a great citrus scent. Also, the orange peel will gently exfoliate the skin.

Good for oily skin.

Price  $5.00


Only pure patchouly essential oil is added. Will leave a wonderful lingering aroma on your skin. Antifungal properties.

Patchouly is a known aphrodisiac!

Price  $5.00


Beautiful soap with a delicate fragrance.


Price  $5.00


With the delicate aroma of sandalwood fragrance. It will scent your skin for a long time!

Price  $5.00


A great exfoliating soap. With kelp powder and granules. With Palmarosa oil, a stress reliever.

Price  $5.00

Shaving Soap

For those of us who dread shaving. No more irritation afterward. A great combination of clay, peppermint and fresh caribbean aloe. Along with the antiseptic properties of tea tree and lavender. 3.5 oz.

Price  $5.00


Used traditionally as an antiseptic soap. It's used to treat skin conditions such as acne and itching. Salicylic acid is added help remove skin flakes

Price  $5.00

Tea Tree and Aloe Vera

A first aid soap for the skin. It contains the healing properties of aloe vera along with the medicinal properties of tea tree. Australian tea tree essential oil is great to treat skin conditions such as acne and itching. Tea tree oil is antiseptic, antibacterial & antifungal.

Price  $5.00

Ylang - Ylang  

Wonderful tropical aroma.  This flower grows in the tropics and is very fragrant.


Price  $5.00
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