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Prepared with essential oils or fragrances and blended with almond oil and vitamin E. These perfumes are mild on the skin and last a long time.

We do not use alcohol.

1/3 oz. roll-on bottle

Nag Champa With the popular long lasting fragrance from India. Our best seller.
Sandalwood Sensual aroma.  With a touch of the expensive essential oil of sandalwood.     
Ylang-Ylang Sweet floral aroma.  Used in many perfumes.  Said to be relaxing.
Karma Our own exotic blend with musk, sandalwood and other fragrances.
Rose Very true to the real thing!  Long lasting fragrance.
Patchouly An earthy fragrance only the essential oil can provide.  
Lavender Relaxing aroma of the essential oil. A stress reliever.
Jasmine Floral aroma. A request from our customers.
Myrrh NEW!  Ancient and exotic scent.  A very nice and long lasting aroma.
  Price  $5.00
Body Splashes
Very refreshing for use after the shower.

Prepared with essential oils or fragrances and blended with alcohol. 

8 oz. spray bottle

  Price  $8.00
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